Why choose Estate First Lawyers for estate planning?

We realise that each individual and each family is different, and this requires a tailored estate plan at an affordable fixed fee price. We also know you need to have peace of mind that your wishes will be carried out once you are no longer here, and our firm is also able to guide your loved ones through that process when the time comes.

We make the process of preparing your estate plan easy by preparing your documents promptly, usually within a timeframe of three to four weeks from the date of your initial appointment (and quicker of course if the matter is urgent). We also store your documents at no additional cost to you, which ensures that your documents are kept safe for when the time comes.

Estate First Lawyers consistently receive very high client satisfaction ratings across all of our solicitors and support staff, and our solicitors have won a number of awards in consecutive years recognising their expertise in this area.

Protect your legacy and the future of your loved ones by hiring a professional, experienced and caring estate planning lawyer. With a team of dedicated succession lawyers with decades of experience, Estate First Lawyers will always be here to help you and your family. Contact our Estate Planning Team today

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