What are Letters of Administration?

When a person dies and does not have a valid Will, or their Will does not validly appoint an executor, then an application for Letters of Administration (LOA) to the Supreme Court may be required, in order to administer the assets of the deceased person’s estate and finalise their affairs.

The person who receives the LOA is called an ‘administrator’ (rather than an executor) and, from the time they receive the LOA, they have all the same powers and obligations as an executor appointed in a valid Will.

Benefits of obtaining Letters of Administration

Whether an LOA is required and in what State the LOA should be obtained, depends on the circumstances of the estate. An LOA is usually required by a number of institutions such as banks and share registries before they will release a deceased person’s assets.

Because an administrator only receives authority to administer the estate from the date the LOA has issued, it is important not to delay the process unnecessarily.

Efficient and cost effective applications

At Estate First Lawyers, we can provide you with specialist advice on whether you need Letters of Administration, and help you obtain a Grant of Letters of Administration whether you are in Queensland, New South Wales, or Victoria. At our initial meeting with you, we will provide you with a fixed fee for obtaining Letters of Administration and discuss matters around the administration of the estate. We can also assist you with any other aspects of the estate administration that you might need help with.

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