Protecting your Wealth Now

You want to ensure that your hard-earned wealth is protected and the risk of it being lost or significantly eroded by third parties is minimised.

We can assist you with advice and solutions to safeguard your wealth now. Your assets may be at risk due to your profession or because you run a business. We can advise you on a number of risk minimisation strategies which if you put in place early on, can be a very effective safeguard against loss. We can also assist with establishing and structuring your entities including family trusts, companies and self managed super funds.

Protecting your Wealth Later

We can assist you in getting your wealth safely to your intended beneficiaries and provide them with asset protection for the inheritance that you leave them in your estate plan. Too many inheritances are eroded or never get to your intended beneficiaries due to estate claims or unnecessary taxes that could have been avoided by careful estate planning. We can also advise you on asset protection vehicles such as Testamentary Trusts in a Will for your beneficiaries to hold their inheritance, so that the risk of loss in their hands is also minimised.

If you have entities

Control of entities by a person with a high risk of being sued weakens the asset protection of an entity. We can review your existing entities including your family trust, company and super fund to determine whether they have been structured in the optimal way to minimise risk. We can also advise you on the appropriate entity in which to trade or hold your investment assets to increase your asset protection.

Prevention is better than cure

Asset protection measures, to be effective, usually need to be done some years in advance of a loss event. When you attend your first consultation with one of our asset protection lawyers, they will discuss various strategies and make recommendations to you on how you can strengthen your asset protection position both now and in your estate plan. They will also provide you with a written fixed fee quote to do any recommended work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For further information on asset protection, please see our fact sheet.

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