Protecting vulnerable beneficiaries

Putting a protective trust in your Will can greatly benefit your loved ones who cannot adequately look after their financial affairs. A protective testamentary trust in your Will is one of the best ways to financially protect a vulnerable beneficiary. Vulnerable beneficiaries include children who have a cognitive disability, addiction, are bankrupt or in danger of bankruptcy, or otherwise vulnerable through being spendthrifts or easily influenced.

How does a protective trust in my Will work?

If you have placed a protective trust in your Will for the benefit of a vulnerable beneficiary, your inheritance to them after you die will be held within that trust. The control of the trust will pass to the person or entity that you nominated (such as a relative, or a Trustee Company or even a co-controlled situation with that beneficiary).

The Trustee is required to prioritise the needs of that beneficiary when managing the trust fund to ensure that the funds are used for their care and maintenance and managed competently. Putting in place a protective trust in your Will provides a legally structured entity which is designed to protect the interests of the vulnerable beneficiary after your death.

You also have the power in your Will to specify who the residue of the trust fund proceeds go to after the vulnerable beneficiary passes away.

A Special Disability Trust for the vulnerable beneficiary may also be relevant to your situation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For further information on Protective Testamentary Trusts, see our Fact Sheet on Protective Testamentary Trusts in Wills

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