What are the Rights and Duties of an Administrator/Executor?

Executors and Administrators have a fiduciary duty to act in good faith and in the best interests of the beneficiaries of the estate. This means that the executor / administrator must properly and promptly administer the estate and must not act in a way that benefits them at the expense of the beneficiaries.

A summary of the typical duties of an executor / administrator are listed below:

  • Ensure that all estate assets are collected in;
  • Paying all debts of the estate (from the deceased’s assets);
  • Upholding the deceased’s wishes or promises (both inside and outside the Will);
  • Upholding contractual obligations of the deceased;
  • Initiating or defending legal proceedings on behalf of the deceased;
  • Keeping proper accounts and receipts relating to all estate assets and debts;
  • Maximising the value of the estate; and
  • Distributing the estate to the correct beneficiaries.
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