Wills & Estate Lawyers Gold Coast

It is never easy to experience the loss of a beloved family member or friend. The last thing going through your mind should be a worry about the Will and the estate of the loved one, and whether their life’s work will go to those who meant the most to them. Our qualified Gold Coast Wills and estate lawyers are here to support and assist you in drafting a legally sound and valid Will, including all your estate planning needs, so that things go to plan after you pass away.  We are also experts in estate administration and can guide you as an executor or beneficiary through the various steps that they may need to navigate in the wills and estate process.

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Need Legal Advice on Preparing a Will in the Gold Coast?

As Gold Coast Wills and succession lawyers and estate planning experts, we work hand in hand with you to provide you with personalised legal advice and a legal Will relevant to your circumstances.  This is in stark contrast to the cookie-cutter approach of cheap “write your own will templates” that often end up being the most expensive option in the long run.

Estate First® lawyers and our Wills Lawyers in Gold Coast will help you in all aspects of Wills and estate advice, such as preparing your Will or assisting a person in the management of a deceased estate.  Our team of Wills lawyers, who are estate and asset protection experts, will guide you on the planning of your Will and provide you with a comprehensive estate planning approach, including drafting Testamentary Trusts and Enduring Powers of Attorney. We can also advise you in your role as Executor including Probate applications, as well as management of intestate estates (in the instance where a will does not exist).

How Can Estate First® Gold Coast’s Wills Lawyers Help?

Estate First® Wills and estates lawyers are legal professionals who are experienced in dealing with all fields of estate law including wills, probate and other related areas of law.

How to make a will 

A properly drafted Will ensures the correct distribution and protection of your assets and property in line with your wishes after you pass.  Your Will needs to nominate an Executor will be responsible for implementing the directions in the Will and winding up the estate – this is often called the estate administration of the Will.

Enduring Powers of Attorney (EPoAs) if you have lost capacity

An Enduring Power of Attorney is an essential aspect of your future planning, allowing you to have the say in who you want to make decisions for you in relation to your personal/health affairs and financial affairs if you lose your capacity to do so.  Making sure you have the right legal documents in place in the event of your incapacity is a crucial element in your estate planning and is as important as preparing the right documents to take care of your affairs on death. No matter your circumstance our team of Wills, Probate and Estates lawyers in Gold Coast can help. Whether you need help with drafting up a Will, or need advice on the next steps when handling the estate of a family member who has passed, the friendly and professional team of succession Lawyers at Estate First® are more than happy to help – contact us today on 1300 132 567 or submit an enquiry online for a fixed fee initial consultation.