From the simple through to the complex, this is our specialty. You may just need a simple Will, or you may wish to take advantage of tax concessional entities in your Will, such as testamentary trusts. Testamentary trusts can significantly enhance the power of your inheritance which you leave to the next generation and provides a measure of protection for the inheritance..

Alternatively, you may have a blended family situation , or a child who is disabled or needs protection for their inheritance. These situations require careful planning to ensure that your wishes are met and your loved ones protected from litigation or involvement by unwanted third parties.

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The scope of works for Will Drafting services are:

Bullet simple Wills
Bullet Wills with testamentary trusts
Bullet Wills with protective trusts
Bullet Wills for blended families
Bullet Wills for persons with special disabilities


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Jointly held assets are not controlled by your Will. They pass to the surviving joint tenant. read more...
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