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As a professional adviser, you have provided the best advice and service to your client. You want to ensure that any firm you refer your client to gives the same level of service. If they do, your client is happy and you have built further goodwill.

When you refer your client to Estate First you have the assurance that they will receive the very best legal advice regarding their estate planning and that the client will receive personal attention from an experienced professional. We also ensure that you are included in the process to the extent that you and your client wish.

Our combination of dedication to delivering a quality service, and at commercial (and usually fixed fee) rates, means happy clients.

Take a look at the testimonies from our advisers in the right hand margin. Our referrers include a number of high profile financial planning organizations and accountants.

Fact Sheets

Clients often want to know more on Estate Planning and it helps to have a fact sheet handy when talking with clients. Please feel free to visit our Knowledge Centre to download Fact Sheets on everything from testamentary trusts to family provision applications for use with your clients.

Estate Planning presentations

Our Special Counsel, Ann Janssen, is a top class presenter who has spoken around Australia to adviser groups and their clients on estate planning issues. Topical and entertaining, the feedback from clients and advisors has been amazing. Take a look at the audience feedback, visit the Ann Janssen Speaker page or go to our Estate First Channel.

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If you would like more information on our services or pricing or you have an estate planning question, you are welcome to talk to us. Phone 1300 132 567 or email: .

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What sets us apart? Estate law is all we do. You are assured of high quality legal service conducted cost effectively and to a deadline. Watch our video on Estate Planning.