Testimony to your life.

At  Estate First Lawyers we go above and beyond to ensure your wishes and goals are reflected in your estate planning strategy.  Whether your life is simple or complex, we can help with options such as tax effective Wills, gifting your superannuation, protective trusts, and advice on how to minimise the risk of estate challenges later on. Watch our video on Estate Planning

Our mission is to Plan, Protect and Secure your legacy.

The cost of getting it wrong is high.  Not just financially, but emotionally.  A poor estate plan can result in your hard earned assets going to people you didn’t intend, and cause family breakdown that can last for generations.  Not a good ending to a life well lived.

Our Commitment to you

What sets us apart from other law firms? Estate law is all we do, so you are assured of high quality, cutting edge legal service conducted cost effectively and to a deadline. Fixed fees are provided at your first consultation for your peace of mind.

Our services focus on all aspects of estate law, in particular estate planning, from simple to complex. We can also administer your estate, provide you with asset protection advice, and litigate estate claims on your behalf.

So how will you write the last Chapter of your Life?

Our team of professionals have years of legal and life experience in this field and are committed to collaborating personally with you and your advisers to get the best solution tailored to your situation.

That’s peace of mind.

Family Trust?

It doesn’t die when you do.
What sets us apart? Estate law is all we do. You are assured of high quality legal service conducted cost effectively and to a deadline. Watch our video on Estate Planning.